National Programme

The Western CFRAM Study is part of national policy for flood risk management.  The Programme is being carried out between 2011 and 2015 and the results will help long-term planning for reducing and managing flood risk across Ireland.  Flooding events in 2007 and 2009 emphasised the need for a national programme.

The CFRAM Programme is a core component of the National Flood Policy which was adopted in 2004 and is also one of the requirements of the EU Floods Directive (2007/60/EC).  The CFRAM Programme is being carried out in parallel with similar programmes across the European Union.

The OPW is the lead agency for flood risk management and is the national competent authority for the EU Floods Directive (2007/60/EC).  OPW is working in close partnership with all Local Authorities in delivering the objectives of the CFRAM Programme.

The objectives of the Western Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study are to:

  • Assess flood risk in the Western river basins.
  • Prepare detailed Flood Mapping, including flood extent, probability and its consequences.  This will provide information to those at risk and an evidence base and spatial planning information for LPAs.
  • Consider potential options to manage the flood risk including both structural and non-structural measures.
  • Inform and consult stakeholders and the public throughout the Study.
  • Undertake a "Flood Risk Review" identifying "Areas for Further Assessment" (the locations that we will concentrate on for the remainder of the CFRAM study).
  • Undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment, to ensure that environmental issues and opportunities for enhancement are fully considered as part of the study.
  • Prepare robust dataset, including a transparent justification for the prioritisation of work.
  • Co-ordinate with the programme of measures under the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC).
  • Develop an economically, socially and environmentally appropriate long-term strategy (a Flood Risk Management Plan) for the Western river basin.

The final recommendations from the Western CFRAM Study will identify measures and options for managing flood risks in local high-risk areas and across the whole study area.  These will help OPW and Local Authorities plan for managing flood risk in the future.

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